If you are Care Experienced or have Care Experience

We have a growing movement and welcome as many CEP to join our movement. There isn't an age limit, or any criteria you need to fit to join us. We welcome all care experienced people to join us from all walks of life. We are in our development stage and would love more of the community to work with us in any capacity they feel they can offer. Even just being ready to share something is enough.

If you are an ally

Before we can start to properly develop into something that makes real change we need support. We need to be properly funded and resourced. As a community we are massively unfunded, and often invited to create change, talk about our care experience, or be the “experts” without being paid or supported to do so. If you can do this - Reach out to us. We  want to work with you. We are developing a charter right now on how you can best work and engage with our community. We no longer want to be invited to your table, we want you to be invited to ours.

Let’s Work Together

If you are Care Experienced Person
If you are not Care Experienced 
If you are a organisation 

If you want to support people brought up in care fighting for social justice, please do what you can to support us. Together we can make change happen.