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Being open and transparent is one of our key visions and values. Here you can view who we have been funded by and who currently funds us.

Our funding is currently held in a bank account through an informal incubation relationship with TACT. TACT have no managerial role within the movement but simply hold our funds while we form into a C.I.C.


For our projects we use Open Collective which can be seen below. We will also be using our open collective to raise funds in the future! 

How we are funded


In April 2022 we were awarded 25k, and this was our first pot of seed funding. This was used to pay for 2/3 core roles to begin the development work of the movement.

Screenshot 2023-04-25 at 17.35.47.png

We were awarded £6,555.20 from his funder in September 2022. £5,000 of this was to cover the trauma informed support for care experienced people that work within the movement and £1,555.20 to pay for 6 months of steering group meetings.


We were awarded 10k from this funder in October 2022 to devlop the core of the movement. We use this funding to cover our project costs, along with expenses for the progress of development for the paid members. This includes training costs, equipment. You can see the progress of this funding on our open collective below. 


We were awarded 20k in October 2022. This was to devlop the paid roles within the movement and begin the in depth process of

becoming a C.I.C This funding currently pays for the lead roles pay. 

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