We are a group of intergenerational, intersectional Care Experienced Activists, Advocates, Professionals, Mums, Dads, Sisters, Brothers and more. We all want to use our diverse lived experience of the care system to not only create and push for change, but to platform our community. 


We are a force of care experienced people coming together to take back ownership over what it means to be care experienced.  We want our Care Experienced community up on the platform it rightfully deserves to be on, to use their own voices.


We see this as a civil rights issue. Our united sense is that this unbelievably maligned community requires a platform that can advocate, unite it, seek social change, and call for accountability on the system we all grew up in. We believe our community must be at the centre of that. We want to spark the community to find its voice and to represent itself across the country. We don’t want to be the voice for the community, but the movement to give the community its voice back.