Who We Are

We are a group of intergenerational, intersectional Care Experienced Activists. We come from all walks of life, with differing experiences of the system. But we all want to use our diverse lived experience of the care system to not only create and push for positive policy change, but to create a platform and support network for our community. 


We are a force of CEP coming together to take back ownership over what it means to be care experienced.  We want our community up on the platform it rightfully deserves to be on, using our own voices.


We believe the care experienced community has not yet had its movement to push for real change and support each other in doing so, and that is why we believe this is a civil rights issue. We are working alongside trade unions in order to develop a democratic process for our members, so that we can truly represent the diversity of views within our community.

'We believe that our community needs fully investing in, and that all funding should be directed toward enhancing the lives of CEP in a transparent and open way'.


Our Vision

The CEM wants to be the umbrella under which multiple specialised groups organise and connect. 

So far, we have and are working towards establishing the following groups. Please note the names of groups are not confirmed and may be altered to better reflect their purpose. More groups are being developed and will be advertised and established in the coming months:

- Care Experienced Academics Group

- Young People's Participation Strategy Board (u18s)

- Care Leaver Network (16-25)

- Care Leaver Network (25+ (No upper age limit))

- Care Mentors

- U18s drop in support 

- Lobbying and Campaigns Group

Additionally to this, the CEM are wanting to create things that allow for better communication within our community. These include:

- A Monthly Newsletter

- A Community Podcast

- An annual or bi-annual conference for our members