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Meet The Team


Isabelle Kirkham

Co-Founder, Co-Lead, & Safeguarding Lead
Isabelle is a 26 year old passionate Care Experienced Activist/Campaigner, Graduate of Royal Central School of Speech and Drama with a First Class Honours Degree in Drama, Applied Theatre and Education, National Diversity Awards 2022 Shortlisted Nominee for the Positive Role Model Award: Age, Co-Founder of Reclaim Care Collective, LGBTQ+ and most importantly a big sister.

She is going back to University in September 2023 to start a masters degree in Politics and International relations at the University of Liverpool. 


Rose Regan 

Co-Founder & Co-Lead 

Rose is 23 and is currently Co-CEO for The Care Experienced Movement but also runs their own small craft business following whichever hyperfocus hobby their AuDHD mind has chosen to do that month! They finished college with a distinction in Fashion and Textiles and are currently doing little courses here and there to further their personal hobbies and career including printmaking, BSL and origami. Rose is care experienced, neurodivergent, disabled and queer and wishes to try to make the world a better place for all.

Our Current Steering Committee

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Paul John Nelson

Paul is a recovering graphic designer and experienced arts activist. Having graduated from Kingston University in 2012 Paul spent time living in Melbourne (Aus) and Wellington (NZ) working as a designer/photographer before returning home to begin doing 'the work' and engaging directly with social movement activism (supporting Extinction Rebellion, Insulate Britain & Just Stop Oil). Paul is interested in rebuilding identity and community within an ethics of care and reciprocity and hopes to be able to have a dog companion in the future.


Ethy Ward 


Ethy is 31 and is currently the founder and creator of the community known online as the Wiggly Watermelons. Advocating for the support of neurodivergent individuals, giving them a safe space to express their needs and interests. They currently run their own small business creating jewellery and digital art, creating branding for well-known YouTube content creators.

Their Au-ADHD enables them to have a profound sense of justice and empathy, and as a care experienced individual they have built a sense of family within their own work. Their personal hobbies are digital design and content creation. Ethy is queer, neurodivergent and disabled but that never stops them striving to push forward for those around them.



Mitch is 17 and has an interest in film, specifically: video editing, lighting and videography. She has strong opinions and enjoys debating to understand why people may think differently to her. She is currently spending most of her time preparing to move into semi-independence. Mitch has never been afraid to express her thoughts on the care system to peers, carers or social workers before and hopes to take part in making changes that would have been helpful for her and many others that have been through the system.

Maya - photo.jpeg

 Maya Mercy


Maya is a Care Experienced 23 year old currently living in the Southeast, and using her experiences of the system to improve it for future young people. She graduated in 2021 with a First Class Honours in BSc Psychology, with a strong interest in pursuing a career in mental health services. She’s an ANV Ambassador with Coram Voice and Young Ambassador for her local council (as well as a Cybersecurity Recruiter and a Cat Mum!).



Laura Lambrianou


Laura is 32 years old and is a care experienced social worker having completed her social work degree with Buckinghamshire New University in 2016. She spent several years in Local Authority foster care in her teenage years and lived in supported housing projects for young people and mother and baby housing, following her first pregnancy at the age of 19. She is now a mother of three children, happily married and settled living in Oxfordshire. Laura’s day-to-day role is as an assistant team manager in a child protection and family safeguarding team and has worked for her Local Authority since 2017. Laura uses her care experience to aid her in her leadership with social workers in her team advocating for children’s voices to be heard and promotes kind and caring language when writing in children’s files

We are looking for more steering committee members to come on to support us!

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