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Our Work

For the last year we have focused on securing our internal structuring. We felt it was important to develop a functioning movement before we began working directly on projects. Building a functioning, safe and trauma-informed organisation takes time and now that we're operationally back we hope you'll join us on that journey.

You can read about some of our work here and you can also send us an email to arrange a time to chat about the work we are doing:

Rebranding — C.X.M

Upon the development of our new steering board, one of the first ideas we organised around was for us to have a complete re-shift on who and what CXM is. This included shifting from being CEM to CXM as well as a bold new brand identity! Most importantly we've developed a fresh new theory of change.

The 101 on Care Experience 

We have been working alongside the Anna Freud research centre to develop a training course to introduce organisations to the basics on what Care Experience is.

We offer a beginners guide on Care Experience in the form of a 101 training course and a toolkit. If you are interested in our movement delivering the training to your organisation have a read of our flyer here or send us an email to


We have been working alongside a number of organisations to offer them advice and support the work they do for Care Experienced People. This has included Missing People, Frontline and New Direction! 

We are always open to offering advice and support to any organisation, collective, or people on Care Experience. You can email us to find out more or to arrange a chat with us:

A Care Experienced Rally 2025

We are actively looking to apply for funding to support working on a Care Experienced Rally some time in 2025.

Developing a membership programme

Right now, we don't have a membership in a formal sense. This is something we would like to develop once we are a legal entity and have the funding in place to develop a membership that supports, champions, and uplifts the people apart of the Care Experienced Movement. One that gives back to the community. 

Once we have developed this, we will put out an open call for people to join the movement in a membership style. We will share more updates on this soon. We are aiming for this to be launched late 2024.

Response to the Government's Care Review response

We spent a month visiting two local authorities throughout April 2023 to research the thoughts and opinions of care experienced people currently in the care system about the care review and the government's response to the care review. We spoke with 40 Care Experienced People in total to develop this response.

We have written a preliminary report to be submitted by the government's deadline of 11th May 2023, however, we will be working on a wider report over the next year to be submitted to government, while working in partnership with local authorities/councils. We hope to reach out to more Care Experienced People and develop a response that includes as many members of the Care Experienced community as possible.

We used our funding from Blagrave Challenge and change fund to cover the costs of this project. This can be seen via our open collective. These costs included paying CEYP £50 for their time, food/drink costs for the workshop days, and the expenses of travelling to Brighton and Wolverhampton to work with young people. 

You can read our initial report here. 

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